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The new Year is here. 2018. Full of new hopes. Time to reflect upon the year 2017 that just whizzed past. We at Nova French & English Campus wish you all a Happy New Year. May the Almighty bless you with abundant wealth, good health and envious longevity!

So, being the learners of French language, let’s see how the people of France greet someone on New Year. The French expression is ‘Bonne année’. This means ‘Happy New Year’. Bonne année literally means ‘happy year’. Don’t ask me why the French do not use the word ‘new’ in this expression. Even one of my native French friend told me they just say Bonne année by convention.

How to say Happy New Year in French (Video lesson in Hindi)

If you are in France on the New Year day, you would most often hear people say something more with the usual Bonne année. That is Bonne santé which means ‘good health to you’. So, the French often say both these expressions together:

bonne année et bonne santé” i.e. “Happy New Year & Good Health to You!

In countries like India, people wish New Year even in advance. People and businesses often wish ‘Happy New Year in Advance’. But in France, there is an entirely different scenario. it’s not considered polite or decent to wish someone ‘happy new year’ before the Eve of New Year. However, you can wish people bonne année throughout the month of January. People become ‘bonne année robots’ in French in the month of January. Wherever you go, you’ll see people wishing ‘bonne année’ ‘bonne année’ ‘bonne année’. However, make sure that you do not wish anyone New Year after the 31st of January, even if you are meeting someone for the first time that year. That will make you look stupid!

Another related word that you might be interested in is ‘le réveillon’ which means ‘New Year’s Eve’. Yes the evening before the New Year’s Day. If you want to wish someone in different ways on New Year, try these:

‘santé et bonheur’
(Wish You health & Happiness)

‘santé et bonheur pour 2018’
(Wish You health & Happiness for 2018)

‘tous mes voeux de réussite’
(I wish you every success)

santé, bonheur et réussite pour 2018
(Wish you Health, Happiness and Success for 2018)

And what is New Year celebration without a few bottles of champagne? Well, the French for Champagne is champagne. Yes the same word, letter by letter!

If you get boozy and drink too much champagne, you might end up in ‘hangover’ the next morning. The French call hangover, ‘la gueule de bois’. Often ‘hangover’ is followed by a bad ‘headache’, isn’t it? In French a ‘headache’ is ‘mal de tête’.

Nova French & English Campus Wishes you all a Happy New Year 2018!
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