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This is one of the most frequently used words in French conversations.

‘Bonjour’ is the greeting word that people use when the meet each other. It is the equivalent to ‘namaste’, ‘as-salamu alaykum’ etc

The pronunciation of ‘bonjour’ is /bonzhooh/. It can be written in Hindi somewhat like बोनज़ूह but remember the the ‘j’ should be pronounced /zh/. It is the same sound of ‘s’ in ‘pleasure’, ‘measure’ etc

If someone greets you ‘bonjour’, you should also greet them back by saying ‘bonjour’.

This greeting word can be used any time of the day. So, a ‘bonjour’ can also be used in place of ‘good morning’, ‘good afternoon’, ‘good evening’ etc

‘Bonjour’ is a polite, standard formal word that can be used to greet anyone of any age. It shows politeness and respect. But don’t use this word while taking leave i.e., don’t say ‘bonjour’ to mean ‘goodbye’, ‘good night’ etc. Use your ‘bonjour’ only when you meet someone, not while leaving them.

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Another way of greeting someone is ‘salut’. This word means ‘hi’ or ‘hello’.

You can use ‘salut’ with your friends, colleagues, those who are younger than you etc. So, what is the difference between ‘bonjour’ and ‘salut’?

Yes you know it. The first one is a formal greeting that can be used with your boss, seniors, elders or anyone that you need to show respect to. It can also be used with anyone regardless of your relationship with them.

‘Salut’ is an informal expression that is mostly used with your friends, children or anyone that you do not need to be so formal with.

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